No I.D. – Accept Your Own And Be Yourself (The Black Album) (1997)

Posted: June 16, 2010 in music, vintage
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For the first real post in the Vintage section, I picked an often overlooked gem from legendary Chicago producer & MC, No I.D. Known mostly for his influential work with other artists, like Common (Sense), Kanye & more recently Drake (Find Your Love etc.), I.D. is more than able to craft an LP’s worth of bangers of his own.

Accept Your Own and Be Yourself (The Black Album), is the only full-length album released under producer No I.D.’s name. It was put out by Relativity Records in 1997.

He handles all the production himself, except ‘Original Man’ (co-produced by Dug Infinite), ‘Sky’s the Limit (Inf Mix)’ (produced by Dug Infinite) and ‘Sky’s the Limit’ (co-produced by Spike Rebel). No I.D. is rhyming on most of the tracks here with Dug Infinite featured heavily. Common and Syndicate also make solid appearances.

No I.D. – Accept Your Own And Be Yourself (The Black Album) (1997)

01 Heat
02 We Rock Like So f. Dug Infinite
03 Fate Or Destiny f. Dug Infinite & Syndicate
04 State To State f. Dug Infinite & Common
05 I’m Thinkin’ (Interlude)
06 Mega Live (That’s The Joint) f. Dug Infinite & Syndicate
07 Sky’s The Limit (Inf Mix) f. Dug Infinite
08 Dreams (Interlude)
09 The Real Weight f. Dug Infinite
10 Jump On It f. Dug Infinite
11 Gem (Interlude)
12 Original Man f. Dug Infinite
13 Pray For The Sinners f. Dug Infinite
14 Sky’s The Limit f. Dug Infinite
15 Two Steps Behind f. Dug Infinite & Syndicate


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