History has a way of repeating itself. If you’ve followed the news around the G20 summits, or caught the great movie, ‘Battle In Seattle’ with Andre 3 Stacks you can see a familiar story unfolding in the streets of Toronto.

Hundreds of millions are spent on security with thousands of militant police descending on the host city’s core. Demonstrations are held, with many peaceful protesters gathering from around the world to use the global spotlight as an opportunity to communicate their disdain. After a lot of sitting around and sipping Tim Horton’s, the bay of pigs finally get a chance to justify their occupation of the city when a tiny minority of thrill-seeking assholes cause relatively small amounts of damage.

Of course it’s these very same assholes who inevitably get 95% of the press coverage thus burying the initial messages of the demonstrations & giving our government the justification for the insane security measures and breach of rights.

If you’re far from downtown like me you can catch the mayhem real-time on city tv, cbc news or pretty much anywhere else. Better yet groove out to some protest music.


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