A.G. – Everything's BeRRi w/ Ray BeRRi (2010)

Posted: July 12, 2010 in music
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A.G. drops his latest full length studio album Everything’s Berri; a collaboration project with producer Ray BeRRi that’s being released via Fat Beats Records. Andre, long known for doing great collaborative work with Showbiz and as being an un-flinching loyalist to hardcore rhyming will attempt to revive a somewhat floundering career after his last collabo effort with O.C., Oasis fell a bit flat with his fans and underground heads alike.

This time out A.G. enlists a much more captivating and sample laden beat lineup that boasts tons of familiar laid back loops as well as some guest spots from Roc Marciano, (‘Marcberri’ is one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in a minute) Party Arty (R.I.P.) and his protege’s 950plus and by all accounts creates one of the best releases of 2010.

DL: A.G. – Everything’s BeRRi w/ Ray BeRRi (2010)

01. NY So Loud 01:12
02. On The Block (3rd Ave Spot) 02:28
03. Infected 03:07
04. Xenobia 04:25
05. Dancin’ With A Shifter 02:31
06. Marcberri f. Roc Marciano 00:56
07. Party Hard, Hustle Hard f. Party Arty 03:41
08. Berriville 02:05
09. Tweet Heart 02:09
10. Dreams 01:57
11. I Wanna Chill 02:41
12. Remand Me On My Stay f. 950 Plus 02:43
13. Destroy Rebuild Repeat 02:56
14. No She Didn’t 02:09
15. Fuck The Club 03:02
16. On The Block (Tremont Spot) f. Abdul Jabar 02:38
17. YMI Still Here 03:06


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