A.G. x J.D.- Dunkin’ Donuts (Mixtape)

Posted: July 13, 2010 in mixtapes, music
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DITC representer tears down a few James Yancey instys on this tribute mix. Don’t forget to check out Andre the Giant’s new LP Everything’s BeRRi, that dropped yesterday as well.

DL: A.G. x J.D. – Dunkin’ Donuts (Mixtape)
BONUS DL: A.G. – Everything’s BeRRi (2010)

1. Intro
2. Workin’ On It
3. AG On JD
4. We Do It 4
5. Walk On By
6. AG On Loss
7. Dilla 4 Eva f. Party Arty
8. Clap
9. Crushing (BX Version)
10. AG On J Dilla & Party Arty
11. 10 to 10
12. Gems I Spit
13. Keep It Movin’
14. Heavy Head
15. Shouts


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