COADGAME Interviews Toronto’s Boombox Saints

Posted: August 26, 2010 in cancon, music, news
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In anticipation of the big show with Sean Price, D-Sisive, Wrabeanz & many more this Thursday at the legendary Revival; Fundament of The Boombox Saints took the time to get the HHC massive upto speed.

Who are the Boombox Saints? Tell us where and how did you form a group.

Boombox is made up of Myself (Fundament), Junia-T (of Smash Brovaz), Rayhaan, Kit Knows and Roshin (of Notes to Self).
We are a collective of 5 rappers with individual careers of their own, but we all roll together, help and support each other in any way we can – and every 6 months we throw a crazy show together. We formed almost 5 years ago with a show at The Hooch. Rosh basically wanted to get the best rappers he knew together on a bill for a show.. We didn’t really plan to come together as a collective at the time. Our homie, Elicser did a flyer for us that came back titled Boombox Saints, and that show was epic, so we’ve rolled with that name ever since.
Really, we’re a crew of dudes who hold down all areas of Toronto and we can all rap our asses off.

Thanks, can you expand on your connection with toronto hiphop? Is it a love/hate relationship, do you think you will you
rep/live in Toronto (or Canada) forever?

Man… when we first came into the scene in Toronto, the whole ‘screw face’ thing was going strong – and our parties are so wild, there was no screwfacing. I think we were at the helm of a new generation that has really been trying to erase any notion that its hard to get love in Toronto, or hard to make a major name for yourself without moving to the states. Going to school in Montreal has given me a unique view of Toronto hip-hop, its really come into it’s own. In that time, I’ve gone from me being pumped to see Kardinal get a blurb in XXL to Drake being on the cover of every publication out there. And its not just those two dudes doing it.. SO many T.O. rappers are getting that love right now. Right now people will want to hear your music if the word Toronto is in your bio – and it’s an incredible feeling knowing that.

1 LOVE T.O.!

That’s dope, I’m excited to see this wild vibe on Thursday. What do you consider your next step in your musical/business strategy & how do you stay motivated & inspired?

I’ve been in school full time for the last 4 years so I feel like I’m really only coming into this game now. I was raised pretty
modestly so I never wanted to proclaim that I was gonna be a rapper – everyone says it’s the hardest career you could try to pursue – but I’ve made moves as they came and by now it’s something to be taken seriously. The next step is to take everything myself & Boombox has been doing under the radar and expose it to the rest of the industry. And when we do that, it’s gonna be a ton of people saying “holy shit, why haven’t I seen this??”. From there I think things will build steady. As far as motivation, I just never want to have a job. I love this shit and I’ve been pursuing is as a passion for years now – the dream is to turn my life’s love into my life’s work, and I don’t need much else than that to keep me on point.

I can definitely relate to that, pursuing the arts is always part work/part leisure & can be a really rewarding way to earn a living. Why or how are you working with Sean Price & Duck Down for this show? Tell us why it’s an important event for the Toronto scene.

To be honest, I wrote down a list of emcees that would match the raw style of our parties and P was the guy at the top.
Things have been bubbling with Boombox for some time now, and getting a name like Sean Price was the obvious next step to keep growing. The people at Duck Down Records have been a big help in making that move, and shouts to NoHa for that, but it’s all been pretty business. I’m trying to get a track done with Sean and Rich Kidd while he’s in the city, so maybe some things will develop out of that. This show is important for Toronto hip hop because it’s more than just a Sean Price show. It’s not like I’m just a promoter working for a tour that promotes a new Sean Price album or something – I’m an artist coming out of pocket to give this city an artist it wants, and to expose some of the city’s best talent by putting them on the same stage.

Can you describe your relationship with the other opening acts (D-Sisive, Smash Bros. Wrabeanz etc) all who have been featured on HHC and the COADGAME pages.

Special guests of the night are pretty crazy. Like I said, Boombox spans the GTA so we are pretty much tight with anybody making moves in this city, so we pulled out all the stops for our guests. D-Sisive is a legend in this city, and I’m
proud to say he’s a friend of mine. We’ve worked on a few tracks and he’s featured on the b-side of my EP that just dropped this summer. Wrabeanz are some young guns that I roll with. I met RolyWra at school in Montreal and we started
rocking shows. Droppin’ Knowledge all day. Blake Carrington is a dude that is steady up and coming in this city – he’s tight with Smash Brovaz and was featured in their new video “Whatchu Need Whatchu Want”. I also saw him destroy a set with Talib Kweli in Montreal.

That’s great, the lineup is really heavy man. You mentioned a big show every 6 months, I don’t want you to get ahead of
yourself with Sean P just around the corner, But have plans been set for the next event?

I’m being told my a lot of people not to get ahead of myself, cause yeah… I’ve been brewing something already. This is my first time booking a major artist, so things gotta go well, and I never want to take away from the Boombox focus. But there are some ideas stirring for sure.. just remember – we get bigger every time.

Dope. You seem to have a good business sense or at least a logical approach & understanding of the Toronto scene, how important is that side of making and performing music and is the whole group responsible for the economics & business?

I think the business side of things has always been a big part of rap music, and I think that is naturally the case because of the competitive nature of rap. These days, with everyone in the world wanting to be a rapper, and every rapper in the world exposing their lives so much, it’s extra important to have your business side of things on point. If you are gonna brag about making moves, being dope and making money through music, you have to be able to back it up or people will know you’re lying and call you out. Then again, if you are just a dude with a day job rapping about your Louis Vuitton bags that don’t exist, no one is actually listening enough to call you out on it either. So to those guys, keep lying to yourselves.. lol

How has the group taken advantage of the promotion & networking technologies currently available?
As far as Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook – what’s still useful to you and your brand and what have you let slide?

Well first off, I think anyone promoting right now knows that the internet is king. These days when i throw shows the online promo comes first, and then i see about investing in physical promo. Personally, I’m all about facebook, bandcamp, youtube and vimeo. Twitter doesn’t seem to fit my personality – conversations seem overt and fake, i feel like that guy talking on the bus super loud so everyone else indirectly hears him. That’s just me though, and I still get my tweet on every couple of days or so. Myspace honestly just sucks.. someone who has a brain should buy it and make it functional because right now musicians don’t have the type of presence they did in myspace’s hayday and thats really shitty.
Bandcamp is the shit! i hosted my album on there ( and it’s user friendliness is unparalleled.

OK, our readers are ready to hit up Boombox Saints & sean P this Thursday, they’re getting a dope mix together to get
the vibe right…What are 3-4 essential tracks for our Thursday night mixes?

Woow.. ok. Only 3-4? I’m gonna do 5 cause there’s so many local acts on the bill that I could base a drinking game around em, haha. MUCH LOVE !

Gotta put people on the Boombox crew:

“Last Night” – Rayhaan feat. Roshin, D-Sisive & Dj Grouch (Prod. Side B)

“Still Here” – Kit Knows, Roshin & Fundament (Prod. M Mac) is a joint about Boombox doing this shit and never

“Hypnotic” – Rich Kidd feat. Junia T is gonna go down live for sure. This joint is my all time Rich Kidd favourite:


I hate listening to the headliner of a show right before i see it – i want all the joints to be fresh when i see them live. So
I’m gonna suggest some other big joints to get you in the right mood.

“Put It In The Air” – M.O.P. feat. Jay-Z:

“The Red” – Jay Lib:


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