Tyler, The Creator: Domo 23 [Video]

Posted: February 15, 2013 in music, videos
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As promised, Odd Future ringleader Tyler, the Creator has posted the video for a new song called “Domo 23”, set to appear on his sophomore album Wolf. It features an Odd Futuristic vision of a professional wrestling match between Tyler and Domo Genesis, with Earl Sweatshirt as the referee.

“I WANT BUSTA AND MISSY TO HEAR IT REALLY,” Tyler wrote on Twitter. “I’M SO NERVOUS WHAT IF EVERYONE HATE IT AND I GO BROK FUCK AHHH… THE FAD IS OVER AND I GOTTA WORK AT SOMEWHERE LIKE THESE REGULAR NIGGAS AHHH NO IM SHAKING”. Nice to see a mountain of buzz and fame can’t ruin Tyler’s capacity for some good old-fashioned nervousness.

Twitter: @FuckTyler @DamierGenesis

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