Large Professor feat. Yu Mamiya: Back & 4th Scramble [Video]

Posted: April 25, 2013 in music, videos
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[translated from Japanese] Large Professor & Yu Mamiya “Back & 4th Scrambler” Https://Itunes.Apple.Com/jp/album/bac … Clothing Sponsor APPLEBUM (JAPAN) Jacket Design NOVOL (JAPAN) MV Director Ed Jansen (Amsterdam & NY) MV JP Shoot Jiro Hirayama (JP) VIDEOSUPPORT Gil Keyes, Dwayne Johannes (NJ) MIX & MASTERD SUIatK7STUDIO (JAPAN) BOOKING Chica Soma (NY) bilingual Risa Uzushiri hop on line 2 at 135 Street fellow Is because of hanging in Lenox and 39 Street dare peeps well the remnant is seem Is the graffiti of old concrete wall art shining it seems to Picasso one and only young So you’ve been spray painted on the sketchbook and studio in the eighth grade and Tsurumi with friends who do not know the fear of older , Is was left with Rick, Tom, tone, Charles, D. Mack had owned the car green Is was hooked in the lap first session wraps since it benefited from the God of infinity you are I know when the time Hittite and We grow to No.1 all the songs I make it So you’ve was destined to become a big star now, wrapped in adventure of hip-hop and I woman who wear a ring of 42nd Street spray It Is the defeat stupid guys armed with cans and Is the fight graffiti artists to other insult the work of me always to Is rob the thing of the guys there are no and back again And then breathe only cheap cigar tobacco Become a poverty I lost it Is to make a song mix tape earn money by gambling all Is the cool to glasses from clothes that I have worn it Is to sell in the city stealing the radio Corvette The city Is to sell at half price In Is the value of gold bullion par I Is earn money 10 times everyone I begin work on young in ghetto I proceed the way of each and he knew it was his destiny to me I run away, hip-hop and I wrapped in the adventure of music you are told in the city is such words tell the reality children is the victim a dangerous environment such that want relief and is drawn to TV no ​​attempt if I before I feel is crazy to It tried to escape seek help raise your hand taken foot in quicksand I was helped and it Is a good thing for the city and we’ll be as free slave not unclean I pay attention calm fun adventure life Is there even when severe and not just and we’ll aim to above is more than the top of the mountain and I believe myself to keep running as long as I live to Victory and train airplane Let ‘s get out on an adventure of hip-hop & I.

Twitter: @PLargePro @salthungup


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